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Update 11th May 2018

This web site was initially founded in a domestic bedroom using a self built PC running Netscape's "Mozilla" web browser which had a built in Composer feature, allowing the construction of simple web pages. At the time in 1999 the only way an average member of the public could connect to the internet was via a dial up modem and this is how it was uploaded. The web pages were often based upon daft ideas dreamed up while slightly drunk, which were later carefully edited and improved while sober. Other ideas came from a circle of friends and workmates. Sometimes they were developed from ideas in irreverent magazines such as Viz, Road Rocket, G2(A Guardian Newspaper Suppliment)

The first decade of the project was a feverish time with often an average of 4 or 5 new web pages per week being published with a diverse choice of subject, the majority being tongue in cheek. Throughout these years style was not the top priority, just output. In the early 2000s many people were getting the internet for the first time and most didn't really know how to look for content or entertainment. This was before modern social networking or internet forums. Even Broadcasting and newspapers didn't have an on line presence. As a consequence at that time it was much easier to get an audience with a website, and so the author enjoyed a noteriety that is almost ridiculous with radio interviews and free books to review. Even having articles published in school text books and serious newspapers. However the second decade of the project was a more dormant time as work pressures and other interests and serious spell at University took precedence.


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